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Fry Sight Words

 Every 4th to 6th grader in GAP is assessed using the Fry word list.  This gives us a starting point for building vocabulary development and reading skills  at an individualized level for each student enrolled.  Assigned tutors received the  assessment results and add writing and vocabulary exercises into the academic hour to assist these students in eventually recognizing all the words on the list particularly while reading and writing. A post assessment is done each term to determine advancement in word recognition .  Family leaders  can use this list to work with your children at home to increase their ability to recognize these words. 

1st 100 Fry Words

2nd 100 Fry Words

3rd 100 Fry Words

4th 100 Fry Words

5th 100 Fry Words

6th 100 Fry Words

7th 100 Fry Words

8th 100 Fry Words

9th 100 Fry Words

10th 100 Fry Words

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