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About Grade A Plus Inc


Grade A Plus serves families in the Columbia, MO and surrounding area by offering STREAM* focused academic support and enrichment programs for 3rd -12th grade students.  With the involvement of college student and community volunteers and content rich specialist serving as tutors, the program supports young learners throughout the school year with several options for

1:1 and small group learning activities.  Mutiple choices for enrichment activities, and two options for mentoring support are available on a weekly basis.  Mentoring for 3rd-8th graders provides the Positive Youth Development series which includes character building and self-identity development activities and The Employment Opportunity Program (EOP) available for 8th-12th grade students which includes a stipend for active participation.  

*Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

Meet The Founder

Dr. Janice Dawson-Threat

Milestone Achievements


To motivate students to learn, to stimulate academic curiosity, and to increase confidence in the practice of problem-solving.


To narrow the opportunity gap and increase equity by reducing the barriers that inhibit success in and out of school.


All children can learn to do well when given the support, the encouragement, and the confidence.


Our Goals


Academic Support

Enrichment Support

Family Support


3rd-7th Grade

Undergraduate tutors utilize various tools to support mastery of basic math functions like counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

Math UP!

Math Graduate tutors support higher level subjects of Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, and AP Calculus (AB and BC).

Game Strategy

Math Challenge Club

Students participate in advanced math activities, followed by discussion of solutions with other students and tutors.

Game Strategy

Students can participate in board and computer strategy games to help in development of problem-solving, planning, counting, and social development skills when academic support has been completed. 

The Language Arts Center

The Reading Center 

Focuses on developing student reading skills through decoding, fluency, vocabulary, working memory and attention, sentence construction, and reasoning development. 

The Writing Center

Open to all grade levels, this center allows students to develop skills in penmanship, storytelling, writing format styles, publication, blogging, and writing for the web and social media.


School Assignments


Students can arrive to a session at Grade A Plus, Inc. with schoolwork. The completion of this work takes priority during one-to-one tutoring sessions.







13th Year Support

Youth who attend the GAP program for at least 2 years prior to graduation, are eligible to receive GAP support through the 13th year of school with a Fall and Spring Award, based on success in their Fall and Spring term.



Field and Stream

Graduate students introduce youth participants to career options in the field of Natural Resources, sharing the valued characteristics of commercial and industrial use, aesthetic value, scientific interest and cultural value.

​Fun in Science

Youth participants learn about the impact of sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices and later begin to grow plants in their homes using resources available. 

Robotics & Engineering

Participants may learn about programming languages, careers in engineering, how to build a working machine, and more. Middle School students are encouraged to join Technology & Engineering enrichment as a pre-requisite to joining the local high school FIRST® Robotics Competition team, known as the Army Ants.

The America Project: History and Culture


Students explore the rich diversity of history, culture, and identities of people living in America. Guest presenters provide a lens of the people groups to be explored. Virtual Tours take students to places beyond Columbia,MO.



Positive Youth Development (PYD)

Provided every session to increase student-tutor relationships, unwind from the school day, and address concerns students may have about their day. Focused on 3rd - 8th grade students with an emphasis on character building and self-identify development. 

Employment Opportunity Program (EOP)

EOP's focus is to assist 8th-12th grade students to prepare for future employment and educational opportunities.  In addion to receiving academic support, students can enroll in EOP to receive a 16 week experience focused on Social  Well-being & Mental Health (8 weeks) and Leadership Development (8 weeks).  and receive a financial stipend based on attendance. Participation in each session positions them for an end of term financial award and qualifies them to be eligible for future awards by continuing in the Dream Builders component of the program as a tutor or mentor for GAP youth or serving in an internship with a local company. 

In the Dreambulder component students receive a mentor match in the area of their educational or empolyment interest and can continue the financial stipend based on active participation in the program. .

Interim Options 

GAP provides Interim session academic and enrichment support through Virtual services in January and mid-April  when the On-Site program is closed.

During the months of May and June  GAP provides On-Site support with more of a hands-on learning focus through field trips and outdoor experiences. Collaborating partners such as the MO River Relief Club, the Community Garden program, and more. Youth receive the opportunity to learn subjects and skills that through community based experiences such as   swimming, skating, bowling and more.  

Summer Options 
July is the month that GAP supports youth who want to attend day camps.  Family leaders need to register early to obtain the maximum scholarship support from the camps and GAP will contribute a portion of support as needed. Participation in camps in the city may also qualify for transportation support. Students qualify based on previous participation in the academic support program. 


Family Leader Support


Family, school, and community are essential to the development of the youngest members of a society and in nurturing the growth mindset of children and young adults. The role of a family leader(s) has a tremendous impact on the confidence and social  development of a child.  Family Leaders may be parents, legal guardians, relatives, or foster parents who oversee the primary needs of a child. 

Grade A Plus, Inc. supports family leaders by providing group workshops and presentations to augment information available for guidance to support their child(ren)'s needs. Also through communications with assigned tutors, school teachers, and other community mentors, increased involvement by family leaders helps a child succeed in and out of school. ​

Family Advocacy

Advocacy support is available to assist families to improve communication between the
families, the school, and their children. GAP can serve as a third-party collaborator to help focus on student needs and support that they are being met by school support staff and classroom teachers. GAP assists students with acquiring technology and hot spots.  English Language services, and communication regarding grades and progress reports is also available. 

Food & Transportation Support


Is provided for On-Site participation for students within the transport boundaries and
schedule. Elementary youth are transported from home and high schoolers are transported from school.
Family leaders can transport their youth to the program and have them returned home by us, or GAP
can transport them to the program and family leaders can pick them up from the site.


Snacks and Family Dinner

are also provided for On-Site participation. Tuesday each participant receives a healthy snack consisting of a fresh fruit, cheese or diary product, and nutritious grain product.
Thursday each participant and their Family Leader and siblings are provided with a hot main dish, a vegetable, and a treat. The goal is to increase a social option for the family, increase a sense of community, and offer a moment of relief around a meal. 


Food Box Program
All families participating in GAP are eligible to receive a monthly food box supplement by registering for the program through GAP. Boxes can be picked up from the site or delivered home with youth that are on the transportation schedule.
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