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Family Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is open, admissions to the Academic Support and Enrichment program is rolling throughout the year and is based on availabilty of tutors. Family Leaders interested in enrolling their children must submit the Student/Family Enrollment Form, speak directly with program staff to confirm enrollment information, and sign consent forms and waivers to complete the enrollment process. 

Orientation for Fall 2023 families will begin in August. The start date for the Academic Support and Enrichment Program will begin in September.  


Please visit the Applications page to begin the process and reserve your children's seat in the program today!

Collaborators, Partners, Sponsors, & Volunteers


Community Reader

Enrichment & Mentoring

Food and Transportation

Hero Leader


Army Ants

Columbia Art League

University of Missouri - Columbia

Writers Block, LLC.


Academic Tutor

Enrichment Leader

Marketing Team Member

MathUp! Graduate Tutor

Youth Mentor


United Way

City of Columbia

Columbia Public Schools

Community Volunteers


Graduate and Undergraduate students at universities and colleges in Columbia, MO are a large support for the Academic Support and Enrichment Program at Grade A Plus, Inc. Many students join through their enrollment in Service Learning or Field Experience courses, or as a member of a sorority, fraternity, or student organization, or is  individual student seeking to get involved with the local community their schools reside in.


Volunteers majoring in fields of education, human development, and business have joined the Volunteer Team as one-to-one academic tutors, MathUp! tutors, enrichment leaders, youth mentors, or marketing team members. Volunteers are asked to commit and remain consistent to at least one session per week, with expectations to build relationships and connections with children and their family.


To see more information about the Academic Support and Enrichment Program offered at Grade A Plus, Inc. visit the What We Do page. If you are interested in joining the team, please complete the College Student Volunteer Application.

University Student Volunteers


Community Volunteers are individuals who reside in Columbia, MO and the surrounding area. Community Volunteers may join the team in one of four roles: 

  1. Community Reader: volunteers meet with students at least one session per week to increase reading frequency and understanding. These volunteers actively listen to students reading aloud, help build their vocabulary sets, and discuss reading materials to improve their comprehension. Support of writing development may also be included as a Community Reader.

  2. Enrichment & Mentoring: individual who are skilled and talented in fields are welcome to lead enrichment programs in either one-time events or a sessions series through a term. 

  3. Food & Transportation: volunteers assist program staff in administering the listings, collection, distribution of food security services OR in providing transportation services for children who are in need of this assistance to attend in-person activities such as swimming and basketball. 

  4. HERO leader: college students who continue to work with the Academic Support and Enrichment Program after their first semester of Service Learning or Field Experience enter the HERO track. This team is focuses on assisting and developing program activities in the specific content area or field of the college student. Upon their arrival to graduation, college students receive financial tokens of gratitude and letters of recommendations for their future careers. 


If you would like to become a Community Volunteer, please complete a Community Volunteer Application form.

Partnerships & Collaborations


Army Ants

A FIRST® Robotics Competition team from Columbia, MO, the team consists of high school student members from 4 local schools as well as homeschoolers. Established as the Columbia Educational Robotics Foundation (CERF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the team currently resides on the University of Missouri - Columbia campus and assists with promoting robotics for kids of all ages in the Boone County area. The Army Ants have collaborated with Grade A Plus, Inc. to program Robotics & Engineering activities under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Gillis, professor and chair at the College of Engineering at MU. 

Columbia Art League (CAL)

Columbia Art League is an organization that believes in providing the community with an environment to experience visual arts through exhibitions, education, appreciation, promotion and creation of art. Through the Emerging Artist Mentorship Program, middle and high school students may apply and interview for a spot to protégé a professional adult artist. The mentorship program begins in January of each year, in which students create and develop a portfolio to display in a Summer Art Gallery at Columbia Art League.

University of Missouri - Columbia

Grade A Plus, Inc. is partnered with various offices, departments, and colleges as a host site for college students enrolled in Service Learning and Field Experience courses at Mizzou. Studying for degrees related to business, education, human development, mathematics, and natural sciences, College Student Volunteers are a large support of the Academic Support and Enrichment Program for their volunteer services in academic tutoring, enrichment leadership, marketing development, and youth mentoring.

Writer's Block, LLC.

Under the leadership of Brittany Hilderbrand, of Writer's Block, LLC., students enrolled may join The Writing Center enrichment program to develop and strengthen their voices through written work. This semester will empower students in The Writing Center to learn how to find their voice on social media using journalistic tools on some of their favorite platforms. The program will not only build confidence in their writing skills, but also showoff their inner superstar. 


United Way

Heart of Missouri United Way supports Missouri agencies in Boone, Cooper, and Howard counties. The programs and services of these agencies fall into one of the four Community Impact areas of Education, Health, Financial Stability, or Basic Needs. Agencies offer several programs to the community, many times these programs fall under different impact areas. Because of an agency’s wide-ranging scope of health and human service programming, some partner agencies may receive program service funding in more than one impact area.


City of Columbia, MO

The City of Columbia, MO supports Human and Social Services agencies. Such agencies fall into one category of affordable housing, economic development, community facilities and neighborhood infrastructure. Each agency and program contribute towards an array of impact areas with service to the community. Through this financial sponsorship, Grade A Plus, Inc. supports Columbia youth and their family through the Academic Support and Enrichment Program. 

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