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Summer Session I is May 18 - June 24th, 2021

 Tuesdays- Thursdays from 4:30-6:15pm


(Some events will include in-person option)



 Grade A Plus Academic Support and Enrichment Program is a proven community tutoring and mentoring program that provides free academic support and cultural enrichment to eligible youth aged 8-19. Founded in 2000, we have partnered with truly invested educators and volunteers - like you- to equip community youth with the knowledge, hope and confidence they need to succeed in school and in life. 

See what our Director is saying!


What people are saying....


"Grade A! Helps my daughter prepare for class on a day to day cycle. The tutoring provided is a structured environment that my daughter was lacking in order to comprehend all the material taught to her during her school day."

     "My daughter has more confidence and her grade has improved significantly. Her teacher was not very helpful even though she met with my daughter before school. She was not willing to help explain things, just repeated the same thing over and over. As we know, that is not the way people learn."


"This program has got me through almost all of elementary school and encouraged me to keep moving forward and be proud of myself! Next year I'm going to middle school!"

     "This program should continue to be offered to others in the community because it offers kids like me hope. I've been told by my own teachers that I couldn't get a C or better in their class. By talking to my math tutors they helped me stand in expectancy for something better happening for me. So many students are being discouraged at school and they need a program like this, not only to help academically but mentally and emotionally."


"Grade A Plus has given me an extraordinary opportunity to give back to my local community. I truly feel like I made an impact."

     "I have been able to grow so much as a person through Grade A Plus. Being a young college student it is often hard to find opportunities where you can make a difference. I know my time with Grade A will have not only positively impacted my future, but also that of a young person. "

Investing In You

"Teach me"


Taught by educators and student volunteers, our program  focuses on a S.T.R.E.A.M curriculum which includes Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts and Math. 

"Guide me"


   We offer activities designed to improve young minds and strengthen families that include swimming, basketball, creative writing, computer programming, marketing, business, field trips, parent sessions,  family dinners, and much more!

"Show me"


    We embrace the Development Assets Framework which helps young people learn positive behaviors, introduces readiness and preparedness skills, and improves communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, we nurture the development of positive social skills in communication and developing personal relationships. 

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Mailing Address: PO Box 30843, Columbia, MO 65205


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