Grade A Plus serves a diverse population of students reflective of the Columbia's community for Race and Ethnicity. Enrollment by Gender is well distributed.  Student enrollment by Grade is 90% between 1st and 8th grade. Points of measurement are the transitions from Elementary to Middle school, and Middle school to High school, then acquisition of nine credits to mark success as of the end of the Freshmen year of High school. 


      Grade A Plus  is committed to providing quality Out of School Time Academic Support and Enrichment service to students and families lacking resources to obtain these   services on their own. The services are designed to assist students to succeed in school and in developing their life skills through enrichment opportunities provided by the program. 

     Two-thirds of the time is devoted to School Assigned activities with one-third of the time devoted to GAP related educational resources to enhance student learning and development. 

     Services are provided by volunteer teams of persons interested in helping children to succeed in school. The majority of volunteers are provided by the University of Missouri through the Service Learning program, followed by college students who belong to organizations or students who attend with an interest in serving the community.  Community volunteers help support areas such as food service, transportation, and special events. The Math Up! program is dedicated to tutoring 8th grade to High School level students through a collaboration with the MU Math Graduate department.  10% of students enrolled are in this  program.  

     The majority of academic time is focused on math development, followed by reading.  As of Summer 2018. the months of May & June are  focused on science development. A Robotics unit is provided in the Fall of each year. Tutors are also provided in specific subject areas when requested and when possible in subjects such as Spanish or Physics.  

     All student participants are evaluated during each tutoring session for development of positive Learning behaviors. It is the goal of Grade A Plus to help students to be Ready to Learn.  Three areas of development are Focus,  Work Ethic and Cooperation, and three levels for achievement are 1- Needs Improvement, 2- Developing, and 3- Achieved. Report cards, teacher and parent comments are also monitored to note change in development. 


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