Program Volunteers 

  Both college and community volunteers can serve on the following teams as a Board member, team member or community support leader. 

Data Team - is responsible for collecting and processing data related to student attendance, volunteer hours, academic support, grades, and other pertinent information for performance management. Team members also assist youth with learning through technology.

Marketing and Social Media Team- is responsible for the website, photo gallery, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and other brand related activities.

Food Service Team- is responsible for providing nutrition education sessions for youth in the program and providing menu development for snacks and a weekly meal.


Skill Development Team- is responsible for providing leadership in the areas of tutoring and mentoring, special presentations,  and skill development in key areas of reading, math, writing, and speaking skills.


Program Development Team- is responsible for developing special events, guest presentations, family meetings,  community sessions and mentoring activities.

Enrichment and Mentoring Team - is responsible for  offering dance for girls, computer tech activities, mentoring and artistic activities using art, video, photography, and writing. 

Funding & Development Team - is responsible for guiding and development several funding campaigns throughout the year to provide income and a revenue stream to support the growth and development of the organization, its programs, and its services to the community. 

College Student Volunteers

Service Learning- Receive college course credit by volunteering through the University of Missouri’s Service Learning Program as a tutor and/or mentor for Grade A! students. Service Learners work as part of a leadership team that best suits their major to gain real-world experience in fields such as marketing, data, nutrition, and program development. 

Leadership Development Program- After one semester with Grade A Plus, Inc., volunteers can apply to join the HERO team as a Manager or Skills Development Leader.  As a HERO MANAGER, you will be in charge of a student team and responsible for management of everyone within your area for two semesters., and you work directly with the Executive Director on program development.  After 2 semesters as a manager, students earn a Hero Award which is presented in the final semester at MU. 


As a skills leader you use your creativity and talents to develop and implement activities and learning strategies for the students you are working with in a particular interest area.

As a Skills Development Leader, you volunteer one semester after having served as a service learning volunteer for one term.  SDL's receive recognition at the end of the semester in which they participate. 


Other College Student Volunteers-   Students from sororities, fraternities, student organizations, and individual students can also become involved with youth and their families by volunteering as a group or an individual, for skill development (tutoring) or for a special presentation.  Contact us early for scheduling and special events. 

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Community Volunteers

Our community volunteers come from all walks of life to help within each program of Grade A Plus, Inc. Whether it's managing behavior of tutees, helping with cooking, giving presentations or 

simply lending a helping hand, these volunteers become the bridge between our students and the surrounding community. Acting as role models, our community volunteers demonstrate to our students how to live as positive members of society. 


Community volunteers are particularly helpful in the months of May to June when we operate our eight-week summer session and with fundraising. Fundraising support can include, but is not limited to, car washes, bake sales, sponsorships, and/or donations.