Summer Reading

Over the summer, Grade A Plus Incorporated encourages kids to read more through Storyline Online. The books ranging from K-4th grade in difficulty are read a loud by celebrities. After listening to the story, students can contact us by email through the Contact Us tab, so Grade A Plus Incorporated can keep track of students summer reading progress. 

Positive Youth Development

Grade A Plus Incorporated embraces the 40 Developmental Assets as outlined by the Search Institute Profiles of Student Life. 

There are four External asset areas: Support, Empowerment, Boundaries & Expectations and Constructive Use of Time. 

There are four Internal assets areas: Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies and Positive Identity Development. 

When surveyed it was found that the average student may experience 19.3 touchpoints out of 40. The benchmark is that each young person should have at least 31 touchpoints. 6th graders average 23.1 while 12th graders may only have 18.3.  Only 9% of youth surveyed reported having 31 assets active in their lives. 

Grade A Plus Incorporated is a program designed to increase the number of assets available to youth.  Especially youth in homes without transportation support, technology in the home, discretionary funds to provide for travel and excursions to experience theatre, concerts or lectures. 

The ability to obtain a 1:1 academic tutoring support for more than one year, or even across a few years is what a student enrolled in Grade A can receive. 

College Entrance Exams

About the test:

Many schools require that you take the ACT test (check your school's admission requirements with your guidance counselor or on the school's website). The ACT has four multiple choice sections - English, math, science, and reading - and an optional Writing section (required for some schools).

Acing the ACT:

A key to doing well on the ACT is practice. Just as a player on a sports team wouldn't show up to a game without putting in hours of preparation beforehand, so should you study in preparation for the ACT. There are many free resources available to you. Listed to the right are several websites that offer practice questions and practice tests, similar to what will actually be on the ACT.

In addition to these websites, if you attend the Grade A Plus: Academic Support & Enrichment Program, you probably know a tutor who attends Mizzou and has taken the ACT within the last few years. Ask them what they did to prepare!