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Family leaders will also enjoy the benefits of support through the

Grade A Plus Incorporated programs. 

Programs with speakers and discussion groups will be provided to encourage increased involvement by family leaders in helping their child to succeed in and out of school. 

Each Thursday, family leaders are invited to join their child for dinner at the program site, meet their tutor, and find out what they can do to help their child across the weekend.  Missing information can be identified which allows the family leaders to communicate with the school on Friday or Monday to improve the support the tutor can provide. 

A family leaders resource page is also a part of this website so additional resources can be tapped to support family leaders through the educational development years. 

Each student and family will be asked to participate in a pre-tutoring survey so it can be determined what a student may need for development.  At the end of the year a post tutoring survey will be repeated to see if the program contributed to change or development in the youth and their family. 

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Columbia Schools 2019-2020 Calendar

Missouri Learning Standards for parents can be found here.

The Columbia Public Schools 2019-2020 Calendar can be found here.

Our program uses Khan Academy for math. If your student is enrolled in our program, they have their own account and they should know their log-in information. This can be accessed from anywhere that has Internet!


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