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August 2022 - Join our Community Leadership Development Program


As the leader of a small NFP community-based organization, I have found we cannot purchase or contract for all the skills sets that are needed to serve the community effectively. GAP has spent years developing collaborations needed to provide an award winning and successful academic support and enrichment program for youth that utilizes college and graduate student volunteers during the year. By developing a solid Student Leadership Development plan, students have found their experience in GAP to be a successful and fulfilling pathway for community engagement as they progress toward their graduation goals.

We are now further developing our community collaborations through the Community Leadership Development Program. This program enables a pathway for community volunteers to participate in leadership development opportunities. Companies and individuals are invited to get involved through a shared partnership that refers and recognizes individuals for contribution and engagement with Grade A Plus.

Community volunteers enter the program and serve on one of our advisory committees. After one term of service members have the opportunity to serve as a Project Leader or Advisory Board Committee Leader.

Volunteers would receive social media recognition upon entering the program via GAP and their company's social media. At the end of one year the participant would would receive a certificate of recognition and may be asked to serve on our board of directors. Join us and develop your leadership skills, while supporting youth education in the greater Columbia, Missouri Area.

Please visit our website and learn more about volunteering with Grade A Plus. Complete the Community Volunteer form, or email us for more information about joining a team.

Dr. J

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