Community Volunteers

  Community Volunteers are invited to serve as: 


 "Community Readers" a program designed to support youth in increasing their reading time and reading skills. CR's will be matched with a student who is seeking reading support and on a regular basis read with that student, to that student, and encourage them to practice reading aloud.  Another component of the CR position is to promote the increase of building a vocabulary and improving comprehension as a reader.  Some support of writing development can also be included. 

Options for providing mentoring activities for students through the "Futures Workshop" is also available.  These sessions motivate students to begin planning for their futures, whether that is finding a Summer job or seeking post-secondary education. Volunteers help in setting up field trips, creating opportunities to meet people in the field the student is interested in,  showing the relationship of learning in school to the future world of skills and their use in employment. 


Additional options for mentoring are available as a Mentoring Circle Leader which occurs on Thursday's from 6:00-6:30 p.m. Topics of discussion that encourage youth to learn and think about caring for others are offered at this time. 


If you would like to become involved in working with community youth, please get in touch with Grade A Plus leadership by completing an application form and arranging for an interview.