Family Leaders

Student Participant or Referral Form

     If you are interested in having your child attend the program starting in February 2021, please complete the application form above.  If the form is unresponsive you can click on the application below and tell your computer to print it out. Then you can answer the questions in writing and submit it by email to after scanning it into your computer. 

     Or you can mail it to PO Box 30843, Columbia, MO 65205.  You can also email us and we can send you the link for the application form as well. 

      You will be contacted by phone to further discuss your childs' enrollment needs such as transportation support, academic needs and start date. Families will be contacted based on available space and in the order of the date of application. 

Please download and print the Agreement & Consent form.  Complete the forms and submit it as part of your application.  You will be contacted once it is received. 

Student Volunteers

      College Student & Organization Leader options are a  way for students and organizations to offer special presentations, mentoring activities, or special event type activities where children enrolled in the program can be brought to campus or the group comes to the program site. 

      Students interested in pursuing leadership opportunities can apply for a Hero Track positions after serving for one term with the program.  Management positions on the Data, Marketing and MathUp! teams requires a two semester commitment which qualifies participants for a Hero Award for each year of participation and is presented upon their final graduating semester.  Skill Development Leader positions utilizes students to tutor in specific skill areas such a Reading, Writing, Math, Chemistry/Physics or Spanish

 - Service Learning is another option for involvement as a volunteer where a student can earn college credit for service as described below.   

 - Tutors can serve once a week for 15 hrs. a term on a Tuesday or Thursday between 4:30-6:00 p.m.  Coaches can serve twice a week for a 20 hrs. a term on a Tuesday and Thursday between 4:30-6:00 p.m. - Skill Development Leaders serve once  a week for the length of the term on a Tuesday or Thursday with an option to serve on a Monday or Wednesday as a student might need for their support. 

   The Marketing Team (15 hr. minimum a term)  handles real day to day responsibilities for social media, website management, graphic art design, special event production. 

   The Data Management Team (15 hr. minimum a term) handles real data entry,  reporting, and analysis responsibilities. 

    The Enrichment Team (five week options only) provides focused activities for the youth in Swimming, Robotics, Yoga, Dance, Basketball, and Mentoring.  There is no limit to what can be provided as long as a leader can be obtained for the series of activities provided. Must be available on a Wednesday. 

Please download and print the Volunteer Agreement form.  Complete the form and submit it with a 1 page resume as part of your application.  You will be contacted once it is received. 

Community Volunteers